RTS-5 kV

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Product Description and Specifications

Series: RTS 5 kV Contactor-Type
Applications: Medium Voltage Automatic Transfer
Amperage: 400 – 600
Poles: 3
Voltage: 5kV


  • First medium-voltage automatic transfer switch tested, listed, and labeled by UL for use on emergency systems
  • Available at 5kV, 400- and 600-Amp continuous current ratings
  • Choice of open-or closed-transition transfer
  • Russelectric RPTCS programmable microprocessor-based control system
  • Electromagnetically actuated contactors
  • Sealed arc suppression system
  • Adjustable center-off time delay
  • Isolated with high dielectric polyester glass insulation throughout
  • 3-pole construction

UL Tested Medium-Voltage Automatic Transfer Switches

Russelectric RTS-5 kV Contactor-Type ATSs are rugged, high-speed switching devices designed to transfer electrical loads from a normal power source to an emergency power source upon reduction or loss of voltage and to retransfer loads when normal power is restored.

They use a sealed, electromagnetically-actuated contactor assembly to achieve high-speed, open-transition transfer.

All operational functions of the ATS are controlled by the Russelectric RPTCS Automatic Transfer Control System.

UL Tested, Listed, and Labeled

Russelectric RTS-5 kV Contactor-Type automatic transfer switches have been fully UL tested, listed, and labeled.

Electromagnetically-Actuated Contactors

The ATS operating mechanism consists of electromagnetic linear actuators that provide reliable, trouble-free closing and hold the contactors in the closed position, within a sealed, pressurized enclosure to prevent arcing.

Adjustable Center-Off Time Delay

An adjustable center-off time delay preset at 3-seconds between opening and closing, can be reset via the front panel display and keypad.

Center-off positioning prevents false triggering and latch-up of SCR power devices when they are transferred between two asynchronous power sources.

Reliable Long-Life Arc Suppression System

An innovative, proprietary arc suppression system minimizes the effects of arcing and results in a very reliable, low-maintenance switching assembly. All active components are housed within a sealed, epoxy resin enclosure that provides high resistance to electromagnetic stress and superior dielectric strength.

Design, Manufacture, and Testing

All busbars are fabricated copper, silver-plated in accordance with UL and ANSI standards. Enclosures are fabricated with code-gauge steel to meet UL, IBC seismic, and other applicable standards.

Control components and wiring can be replaced without removing the transfer switch from its enclosure. Tracing of the electrical circuitry is simplified by the neatly arranged, flame retardant, 600 volt SIS switchboard wiring. Premium-quality cage clamp connectors ensure wiring consistency and ease of troubleshooting.

All transfer switches are thoroughly inspected and tested both mechanically and electrically under simulated operating conditions before shipment.

RPTCS ATS Control System

The Russelectric RPTCS microprocessor automatic transfer control system controls all operational functions of the ATS.

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