Diesel Fuel Service Cart

Diesel Fuel Service CartA 3-in-1 Diesel Fuel Service Cart that efficiently removes water and bacterial growth from diesel fuel reducing the possibility of engine or fuel system damage.

The cart is equipped with a Separ Filter fuel/water separator that cleans diesel by circulating and filtering the fuel. This prevents maintenance problems and makes sure your systems are kept ready for emergency situations and daily operations.

  • Lightweight and designed with truck skids for easy loading and operation
  • The most compact cart easily fits through building doorways
  • Can run unattended
  • Has safety shutdown, alarms for filter and water and maintenance alerts
  • Removes 99.9% water and 99% bacterial growth detrimental to pumps and injectors
  • For tanks up to 10,000 gallons

3-in-1 Portable System

1. Polish the storage tank.
Fuel stores more than 3 months begins to degrade.

2. Polish when dispensing.
Transfer clean fuel when delivering from unreliable sources.

3. Polish the engine tank.
Equipment is ready when unused for a period of time.


  • Fleet Maintenance
  • Portable Cleaning
  • Fuel Polishing Services
  • Backup Power Maintenance
  • Field Maintenance
  • Above/Below Ground Tanks
  • Equipment Belly Tanks
  • Fuel Dispensing

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