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Product Description and Specifications

Series: RTS 30-Cycle
Applications: Basic to High Inductive Load Transfer
Amperage: 200000
Poles: 2, 3 or 4
Voltage: 480V

Industry’s Most Comprehensive Line of UL Tested 30-Cycle-Rated Automatic Transfer Switches

Russelectric RTS Series automatic transfer switches are the most complete line of 480 VAC 30-cycle-rated and 3-cycle-ratedUL tested switches available today.

Russelectric RTS-30 / 30 Cycle-Rated Automatic Transfer Switches are available in the following versions:

  • Open-Transition (& Dimensional Details)
  • Closed-Transition (& Dimensional Details)

Tested, Listed, and Labeled by UL Under UL-1008 | A

Before Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. will allow a transfer switch to be listed with a short circuit rating, it requires that the switch be able to close in on the same amount of fault current as it can withstand. All Russelectric RTS Series automatic transfer switches have been fully tested, listed, and labeled for 30-cycle and 3-cycle closing and withstand ratings (A) under UL-1008.

In applications where extremely high short circuit current is available, fuse protection is mandatory. When coordinated with current limiting fuses, Russelectric RTS Series transfer switches have UL listed closing and withstand ratings of 200,000 amperes.

RPTCS ATS Control System

The Russelectric RPTCS microprocessor automatic transfer control system controls all operational functions of the ATS.

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