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Product Description and Specifications

PWRview™, Generac’s home energy monitoring system, is now available with every Home Standby Generator installation. PWRview™ monitors electricity usage, and provides an in-depth look at where electrical waste occurs within the home. Based on the results, homeowners can take the necessary steps to create greater energy efficiency within the home, which can lead to a 20%* reduction in their electric utility bill.  Best of all, these insights are available through Generac’s intuitive PWRview™ app.
*Savings vary based on energy habits, size of home and number of occupants.


Understand electricity usage and eliminate waste

Deep insights that help homeowners make informed decisions and explore trends

View real-time energy usage

Real-time understanding of your energy use and 24/7 mobile access

Eliminate bill surprises

Keep energy spending in check with detailed bill tracking, forecast and history

Gain Energy Consciousness

See phantom loads that contribute excessively to rising electricity bill

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