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Product Description and Specifications

Series: 3000
KW: 6
Engine Model: L3E-W461ML
Tank Capacity: 30 gal.
Trailer Capacity: 2200 lbs.

Ensure Safety in Your Work Zone with the MLT3060DOT Light Tower

The MLT3060DOT has compact enclosure styling; at 49″ wide and outrigger stance up to 98″ wide the unit offers full performance in modest spacing. Offering two engine choices, the MLT3060DOTM features a Mitsubishi liquid cooled diesel engine and the MLT3060DOTK offers a Kubota, liquid cooled diesel engine, both with prime horsepower of 10.5 hp.

Improving the safety of the flagger and motorists in the construction work zone is key; the MLTDOT light tower was designed to meet the needs of standard guidelines and requirements for Temporary Flagger Station Lighting for the Department of Transportation of Oregon. (ODOT) It exceeds the general specifications and has been approved for the ODOT Qualified Products List.(QPL) Recently approved for the state of Utah’s New Product Catalog.

The MLTDOT light tower illuminates the flagger and their flagging station area without creating glare for oncoming motorists. The MLTDOT tower provides a lighted area of at least 40 feet diameter at ground level making the flagger visible and clearly recognizable from a distance up to 1,000 feet.

Two 400 watt metal halide lamps with fritted lens and aluminum visor guards are specifically positioned to provide shielding and prevent light from being directed towards traffic. The veiling luminance (glare) experienced by motorists when approaching and passing through the flagging area is less than 0.25 candelas.

Two 1,000 watt metal halide lamps with tempered lens positioned opposite the 400 watt lamps to provide additional illumination for the roadway surface throughout the designated flagging area. The fixtures are adjustable for flexible illumination and supplementary lighting for work site operations.

What makes the MLTDOT favorable over balloon lighting?

  • Ability to focus light in a desired area
  • 4pt outrigger stance- withstands winds up to 65+mph for stable operation
  • Built to operate in inclement weather including rain, snow, sleet, wind etc…
  • Versatile lighting capabilities- can fulfill other work site lighting needs
  • Transportability – easily mobilized from location to location
  • Commonality of service parts with other equipment on site
  • Durability of aluminum fixtures over the balloon fixture
  • Single phase 6kW power output- added value to job site

Temporary flagger station lighting is the original design application however the focused light ability with alternative light illumination and power output is ideal for forest fire base camps, airport security lighting, and special event lighting. Detailed specifications are available upon request. For more information contact your Sales Representative or call 800-926-9768 or 920-361-4442.


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