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Product Description and Specifications

Series: Vertical Mast
KW: 15-20
Engine Model: 4LE1NYGV-03
Tank Capacity: 56 gal.
Trailer Capacity: 3000 lbs.

NEW Vertical Mast Model with Single/Three Phase Power

The MLT4250V light tower is the best combination of light and power. Designed with a reliable Isuzu engine, the MLT4250 provides additional on-site power, single and three phase, for ideal versatility in your light tower fleet. The new vertical mast tower offers complete flexibility with fixture ground access and 360 degree mast/light rotation. Four 1,000 watt metal halide lights fully illuminates the worksite insuring safety and security for site workers.

Features & Benefits

Easy to Use

  • Rapid deployment of vertical mast to 25ft in less than 30 seconds
  • (6) Individually breakered conveneince outlets: 120V – 240V
  • Distinctive fixture angle design for common light distribution
  • Ground level access to 360 degree mast rotation and light adjustment
  • 3 position selector switch
  • Fork guides on the mast and under the trailer


  • 68″ Broad-based design for stable transport in rough terrain
  • Full tubular steel frame trailer
  • 5 Section mast, tubular steel construction
  • 4 point outrigger stance withstands 65+ mph winds


  • Marathon generator – 16kW single phase / 20kW three phase standby
  • Liquid cooled diesel engine – Isuzu
  • 90A Protective start limit breaker
  • New ballast function with centralized diagnostic capability inside control box
  • Individual light switches for with 15A breakers

Warranty Responsibility: It is the responsibility and obligation of the purchaser to thoroughly read and understand the Magnum warranty prior to purchasing equipment. Failure to read and comprehend the warranty policy does not expose Magnum to any liabilities over and above the stated warranty bond. If you have any questions or need clarification of warranty details please contact or call technical support at 800.926.9768.


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