Magnetostrictive Probes for Alternative Fluid

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Product Description and Specifications

Veeder-Root offers two types of probes to provide highly accurate, in-tank leak detection and inventory control in fluids of up to 100% alcohol.

With water: For alternative fluids with water, detection is ideal for fuel blends with less than 20% alcohol. Without water: For alternative fluids without water, detection has been developed for fluids up to 100% alcohol. Both are approved for aboveground storage.

Key features:

  • Noncorrosive, stainless-steel tubing for long-lasting fuel monitoring
  • Highly accurate Magnetostrictive measurement technology
  • Fast and accurate leak tests
  • 2”, 3”, and 4” Float Kits available

Key benefits:

  • Provides highly accurate trouble-free performance. Within a wide variety of approved fluids – investment is secure for long life performance
  • Magnetostrictive technology and five-point temperature sensing. Capable of extremely accurate inventory control and in-tank leak testing
  • Value-added investment. Provides value-added return by providing accurate data for the business, so you can make better operational decisions

Magnetostrictive probes provides underground storage tank and above ground storage tank customers an incredibly accurate device to measure and transmit water height, temperature, and fluid height to a monitoring device. Most importantly, Veeder-Root probes support in-tank leak detection to assist in compliance management.

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